Catalog of cards for various season´s greetings

CATALOGUE for download (pdf)

Exclusive correspondence

Do you want your business cards having the same standard as the one of dollar of euro banknotes?

Refulgent die-stamping, dry stamping with unique effect or typography on handmade paper or other high quality premium paper make your presentation look perfect and help you open the door to a successful professional and personal communication.

The harmony of contents and form, quality and design is the right solution. We offer personalized letter papers, invitations, communications or occasional and commemorative prints.

Art products

Is there an outstanding moment ahead of you, unique opportunity or you just wish your precious article to have an adequate form?

Handmade art products of book binding are a unique and exceptional solution.

Diplomatic protocol

International business meeting, signing of contract, official reception, formal correspondence, reception, ball, wedding ...

Do you know how it is supposed to look like? What is the right dress-code? Where to sit? When to arrive? What to bring as a gift? When to say what?

If not, we invite to our training providing you with the right answers, and we make sure you enjoy any social event.

Event consulting

Are you organizing a significant and important business meeting, social or family event and the joy has been replaced by frustration from invitations, seating, proper layout and proceeding?

We can do it for you the way you wish may it be anniversary of your company, presentation of new product, ball or wedding.


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